This is a map of my current trip --

This map shows my current location as well as where I have been. Enjoy. --- Well, here I go again. Where will I possibly end up? Hope you enjoy following me .... This trip heads up to the Pacific Northwest and begins in July 2016 and will continue into September. Check back often.

JULY 18, 2016

This is a picture taken by Shirley at the back door to the house.

Summer 2015 Travel Overview

Here is the map of my trip during the summer of 2015. This trip took me on two lane roads across the United States to Bar Harbor, Maine and back to the west coast.

A good place for lunch.

This was home for three nights in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Had a great time visiting the Crazy Horse memorial, Custer state park, Mount Rushmore, Hill City, and did a fun 10 mile bike ride along the Crooked Creek. On the way out we went through the Bad Lands and visited the famous Wall Drug.

Second day out on this trip I noticed a problem with a trailer tire. Turned out all the tires had some sort of problem so we ended up getting four new tires. The fourth day out I needed a couple new batteries. Hopefully no more problems for this trip.

Before leaving on this trip, I bought a new mountain bike. I was only able to take it out for one short ride so far. I took a 7 mile trail along the Crooked River in central Oregon.