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This map shows my current location as well as where I have been. Enjoy. --- Well, here I go again. Where will I possibly end up? Hope you enjoy following me ....

November 2013 Mexico Motorcycle Ride --

Here's my November 2013 ride map --

Here's the map from my April 2013 Mexico motorcycle ride. The daily posts about the trip are below ..

My 2013 Mexico trip blog --

To read the blog entries in chronological order, scroll down and hit "older posts" until you find the April 10, 2013 entry. Start reading from there upwards until the trip is complete. I sure hope you enjoy reading about this trip.

May 3, 2013

Well, today is our last day in Mexico. We ride out of the mountains from Creel, past Buenaventura and Nuevo Casas Grandes, and finally end up in Agua Prieta where we turn in our temporary vehicle import permits and cross the border into Douglas, Arizona. Tomorrow, Don will head home with a stop in Las Vegas for the night. I decide to head west, making an overnight stop in Yuma. This allows me to visit with my son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters on my way home the next day. We have never had a bad trip. Especially to Mexico and this was no exception. A lot of new territory, and many new and wonderful experiences. We have now motorcycled in 26 of the 31 Mexican states. Time to start planning our next trip.

May 2, 2013

Today we get to ride some really fun roads. First we head towards Hidalgo Del Parral, passing by Pancho Villa's former ranch that we have visited several times in the past. At Hidalgo Del Parral, we find our way to a small, little known, road that winds through the pine trees and mountains of the Copper Canyon area and ends up in Creel, right at the top of the canyon. We have spent a lot of time in Creel over the years. Sometimes, like this trip, just passing through. But on other trips, using Creel as a starting and ending point for week long excursions into the remotest areas of Copper Canyon on our dirt bikes. The town doesn't ever seem to change.

May 1, 2013

Today was a day of easy riding through the countryside ending with us arriving in Durango. Our route takes us through San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas. Zacatecas is an old colonial town that is very famous for it's silver mining history. On a previous trip, we stayed several nights in Zacatecas, and toured the big mine and the entire town. We even attended an opera in a gorgeous five story wooden opera house there once. We have been to Durango many times and have always enjoyed our time here. There is a hotel that is a block and a half from the town square that allows us to park our bikes in the lobby. It is a very nice hotel with a great Brazilian restaurant inside the huge lobby. The procedure is, ride up the step through the big double doors, through the entry and through another set of double doors. Go straight and turn left at the restaurant. Ride past all the nicely dressed restaurant patrons until you get to the registration desk. Park your bike on the nice marble floor near the registration desk. Nothing but the best for our bikes. The town was alive, as usual, with townspeople strolling the streets and filling the main square. We had a fun evening.

April 30, 2013

Today we stayed along the Golf of Mexico heading northbound. When we got to Tampico, we turned west and headed to Ciudad Valles. We had stayed in Ciudad Valles in the past but didn't see the hotel we had previously stayed at and ended up riding right on through town. So we just kept heading west. We knew that San Luis Potosi was a long ride and we didn't want to ride after dark so we kept watching for a place to stay in the small towns we passed. Finally we turned off the highway down a small road to a little town about five miles away. When we arrived, we found several hotels and decided on one with safe bike parking and was very clean and reasonably priced. We discovered that the town offered many sights and interesting places to visit close by and have put this little town on our list of places to return to and spend some time. Today was scenic along the coast and we discovered one more place to explore more on another visit.