This is a map of my current trip --

This map shows my current location as well as where I have been. Enjoy. --- Well, here I go again. Where will I possibly end up? Hope you enjoy following me .... Check back often.

May 13, 2018

So today we are right in the middle of Bask wine country. Tomorrow we were told that we will be riding right along the "divide". Like our continental divide, water that lands on one side of the line flows into the Atlantic, and water that lands on the other side flows to the Mediterranean. So, during the presentation, a lady pops up and asks if there will be a place to pee so she could know which side of the line she was on. Another lady then adds, that if both her shoes get wet, then she would be right on the line. Hmmmm, wondering what kind of a group I got myself into.  😁

May 11, 2018

One day before the bike ride to Santiago begins. Storefront in Pamplona,  Spain. Even has a countdown clock 'til the running of the bulls. 56 days, 19 hours, 45 minutes and 27 seconds and counting.

Walking in Barcelona.

Walked 13.6 miles (so far) in Barcelona today. Got to see a lot of the town. Tomorrow is another travel day.

Not even half way there.

Can't get to sleep. Lots of turbulence. Pilot trying different altitudes trying to find some smooth air. Hopefully I'll doze off soon or else tomorrow I'll be like the walking dead.

May 7, 2018

And another adventure begins.
11/14/2017 The trip comes to an end. Here is the map of our travels.